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Kurdistan Institution for Strategic Studies and Scientific Research (KISSR) was established on the end of 2005 by Prof. Polla KhanaqaThe council of Ministers was Mr. Omar Fatah, the minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research was Dr. Axtar Najmaddin and the deputy minister was Mr. Rizgar Jaook.


KISSR moved to its new (1.5 ha) building on the outskirts of Sulaiman (Qirge) in June 2011.

KISSR has currently about 120 employees.


At KISSR, PhD and Masters staffs also teach at universities in Kurdistan and technical institutions plus mentoring students from Kurdistan.


As of December 2012,  110 students have completed their research works at laboratories in KISSR.


Also, foreign students (e.g. from Germany) have conducted their researches in KISSR and have been supervised by our academic staffs.